Welcome to Lineage II Arcana Classic Remastered!
We're online for:

Add timer olympiad
Add S arrow to Adena store
Add Cloth Piece droplist Aqua Captain (Hellbound)
Add Fortune Cards to Arcana Essence store (for Adena)
Add Cloth Piece to Arcana Essence shop
Add option downgrade rune (super -> normal)
Add stable scroll S grade to caravan
Addition of Dynasty items upgrade from Ferris
Add S grade drop to Baium
Add Dynasty items drop to Hellbound raid and Beleth
Update reward list for Fortune Teller Amelia
Interface - add option show party level
Interface - show mail button on top of alt X when new mail arrived

Adjust cancel formula and cancel resist
Adjust rush position update
Fix Olympiad statistic values
Fix class change olympiad
Fix clan board position
Fix Auto CP stuck
Fix Olympiad crit error sometimes
Fix Imperial Tomb Ghost teleporter
Fix formula Holy Weapon vs monsters
Fix Imperial Tomb geodata
Fix description Brilliant Jewel Box
Fix time and description Doll of Border
Fix spawn location TOI 10
Update raid board for Beleth and Baium
Fix Dragon Bearer group stat
Fix monster in wall Dragon Valley and Blood Queen
Interface - slight improvements in general
Fix enchanted no grade buy
Fix imperial staff craft
Do not use auto skills in spawn protection
Update stat monster Forgotten Island
Add epic jewel to shops
Add B Grade to adena shop
Interface - Improve auto enchant function
Interface - add player level to party
Interface - add feature new party class icon

Fix Caravan bless enchant price
Fix instance level limit elemental and Frintezza
Fix Agathion Mae main slot requirement
Fix .whoami PvP bonus
Fix spam filter to not block normal words
System - Fix description Infinity Staff p crit
System - Bloody Witch Rumilia, Sairon, Lv 60 raid texture
System - Fix party class types
Interface - fix party noblesse icon update
Addition of B Grade starter pack
All new players start with 5x 100% Runes
Add craft materials/bless enchants to Caravan in Hellbound
Add Exp rune to donation/Arcana Essence store
Add Demon Dagger spoil to Sairon/Midnight Sairon (Devil's Isle)
EXP/SP/Adena rate has been **Doubled**
Interface - Addition of auto enchant

Fix Bind cleanse
Fortune cards now tradable
Fix stat Major Arcana set
Fix Olympiad Manager misspell
Fix Olympiad Monument placement
Update statistics board Olympiad win rate
Fix Commander's Ghost/Leogul spawns hang
Potential fix for Rush desync v1
Interface - Fix buff timer Olympiad
Interface - Fix buff timer toi floor
Interface - Add Benefaction, Guard, Minimum/Max Clarity to buff timer
Interface - Update death window
System - Update enchant message
Craft now shows bonus for premium accounts
Potential fix for random earthquake on TOI 11
Fixed description of Feoh rune (Visual only, 1% -> 10%)
Fix wrong description on Zodiac Agathions
Fix dialogue for player join party
Add Bellion Cestus recipe to Demon Warrior/Daymen (Devils Isle)
Add Avadon Circlet recipe to Binder/Valac Group (TOI 7/TOI 9)
Addition of Venir's Talisman Lv. 1-6

Fix Elmore/Aden Cloak overwrite EXP scrolls
Fix Cheerleader Mae tradable
Fix Sacrifice to active skill
Fix Sacrifice heal amount message (amount - consume)
Fix Hero Bow active stats
Fix Elixir of Mind/Life in Olympiad
Fix Shadow Step position after landing
Fix Castle Ward skill passives
Fix visual bug with restart and long skills
Fix Brooch buff, Clan Unity taking up a buff slot
Fix TOI Rift exchange
Fix Elmoreden Cloak trigger
Fix Coliseum Arena Manager dialogue
Rush now lands slightly closer to the target if moving
Add missing items to Hellbound raids
Add material trade to Caravan
Add Recipes Soulshot S (Sandstorm), Arrow of Light (Grimmeon/Krasaw/Wedof), Blessed Spiritshot S (Desert Scorpion)

Fix 7 day Singer Dancer Agathion
Automatic heals do not use if target HP is full
Fix scroll of resurrection consuming on 'cannot see target'
Fix Berserker Mode to not overwrite Berserker Spirit
Archer triggers are now 20/25/30s instead of 10
Death Knight lv. 75 is now lv. 80
Monsters are now buffable/healable
Add Mold Lubricant droplist to Sacrifice Insect, Soldier Scarab, Jamadar Beatle (Imperial Tomb)
Autofarm Assist v1

Adjusted rates of Temple Knight Cubic Root

Killing Tower of Insolence Angels no longer drops target on transform
Chain Strike does not work on Npc now
Fix Mass Stigma not cleansable
Fix visual description of S-Grade Recipes from drop search
Fix Arcane Watchman drops (Arcana Mace Recipe -> Arcana Mace Head)
Autofarm no KS now effects party
Test fix for autofarm sweeper and return to center
Fix PK scroll clan arena
Fix few color messages
Adjust Song of Purification
Interface - added teleport window from Alt+F
Interface - added toggle Autofarm from Alt+Z
System - fixed few color message
System - Updated names of few Hellbound monsters
Fix Talisman of Insolence resetting to level 1 on death
Add missing book Lucky Strike to Lorenzo
Add Cloth piece to Caravan

Cubic skills cap at 1500 range

Frintezza delay 2 min
Fix backwards names (Dopagen - Torumba)
Fix Thrill Fight time
Cloak of Darkness, Bracelet of Duty is now tradable
Increased trigger rates of Counter Power, Counter Rapid Shot and Counter Dash
Fixed Brooch lv1 price in special shops

Update Song of Purification to static -60% debuff
Add Soulshot B grade recipe spoil (Oel Mahum Warrior)
Nerf Varka/Ketra patk

Improve autofarm return to center
Allow change class
Fix double message on friend logout
Fix Freya npc in Ignis instance
Improve alignment on clan board
Frintezza now spawns after 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes
Fix Frintezza Alarm stat
Fix duplicate Imperial Tomb Guide spawns
Fix geodata Sea of Spore
Fix critical error in Frintezza (removed video)
Fix Procella tornado
Nerf Baium regen
Death Knight lv 85 now spawns from raids lv 80+
Increased Death Knight spawn rate to 12%
Fixed Brooch lv1 price in special shops

Update Song of Purification to static -60% debuff
Add Soulshot B grade recipe spoil (Oel Mahum Warrior)
Nerf Varka/Ketra patk

Hellbound RB patk increase and frenzy
Adjust Hellbound monster respawns, stats and EXP
Update summon name color on karma clear
Improve autofarm spoil/sweeper
Death Knight now cannot spawn another Death Knight
Raids now properly get the Aggression debuff
Fix Agathion - Minion Eye
Fix Rush book
Added missing spoil for Lance (Seal Archangel), Deadman's Glory (Guardian Archangel), Warsmith's Mold (Hot Springs Yeti), Warsmith's Holder (Hot Springs Buffalo), Arcsmith's Anvil (Hot Springs Grendel), Reorin's Mold (Shackle)
Fixed respawn timers of some raid bosses globally
Added Cloth Piece, BSSA, BSSS, SSA, SSS, 30% Scroll to donation store
Fix Power Angel Amon energy drop
Increase Hellbound hard monster EXP
Slight boost on LOA/DV/IT experience

Fixed Dance of Concentration/Song of Wind (from Agathion) to be autousable
Fix statistic board to show online status
Fix Hellbound raid boss regen
Autofarm spoil does not keep spoiling if mob is spoiled
Potential fix on shortcuts
Potential fix on clan window stucking the client for some players
Ignis/Nebula clears debuffs on death
Fix Provoke to decrease blunt defense
Increase Mass Chain Strike rate
Reduced exp penalty for light blue monsters
Increased Arcana Essence drop rates
Increase 4 sepulcher exp 25%
Increase monster count in lv 1-40 zones
Updated Hellbound Fragment drop
Nerf Imperial Tomb P Atk
Fix Aden Talisman Exp

Magnus Whiplash is now 9 seconds instead of 15

Kingdom Cloaks are now tradable
Dark Assassin/White Assassin/Pirate skills do not cast when auto triggered now
Provoke/Lucky Strike/Earthquake/Thunder Storm/Spinning Slasher/Stun Blast is now auto usable
Reduced clan penalty time from 24 hrs to 1 hr (kick)
Fix Binder group archers
Fix Yul/Sigel and Aeore/Wynn rune exchange
Potential fix for spoilers stucking
Fix 'show debuff info' prints
Interface - fix buff timer to not show briefly if you have it disabled
Interface - fix shop searcher
Interface - potential fix for talisman window not showing passive talismans
System - improved Hellbound monster fluidity when moving
Fix autofarm with spoil stuck
Decrease TOI monster respawn
Increase Mass Chain Strike chance
Add Elemental to store
Enable Fortune Teller Amelia
Slightly increased Elemental Evolution Stone rate
Decrease 4 sepulcher monster difficulty 15%
Increase 4 sepulcher exp 25%
Increase monster count in lv 1-40 zones
Updated Hellbound Fragment drop
Nerf Imperial Tomb P Atk
Fix Aden Talisman Exp

Augmented hats now tradable
Autofarm does not stuck when attacked by players anymore
Fix some archer raid minions patk
Fix Chain Heal aggro
Slightly adjust stats on catacombs/giant's cave
Fix Mass Res/Resurrection spiritshot
Fix effects of Black Zaken, Dragon Berserker, Anakim, Lilith costumes
Costumes are not applied to summons
Fix sale prices of low items
Clan max limit is now 95 from 100 -> prevents players with low computers from lagging when they open the window
Fix Evolution Stones daily missions
Add top A weapons drops to Beleth
Adjust Sleep Rate
Adjust Hellbound monster buffs
Dance of Berserker is now 10 min
Increase 4s exp a bit
Soul/Protection Instinct is now learned at 76 and 80
Decrease 4 sepulcher monster difficulty 15%
Increase 4 sepulcher exp 25%
Increase monster count in lv 1-40 zones
Updated Hellbound Fragment drop
Nerf Imperial Tomb P Atk
Fix Aden Talisman Exp

Adjust Dance of Medusa
Reduce time of TIU silence and anchor from 30s to 10s and land rate
Update catacomb monster defense

Max 20 level difference for monsters
Fix pet exp
Fix 4 sepulcher raid boss patk
Fix pet HP update for non party
Fix geodata Sea of Spore
Fix Cruma Tower dialogue
Fix molds drop in hellbound
Fix regen of lv. 80 bosses
Varmoni etc raid fighters now 80
Fixed stats of regular cloaks
Spawn protection effect
Fix lv70 rb regen
Adjust warrior/archer balance
Increase 4s exp a bit
Fix patk/matk of 4s 4th room
Adjust arcana essence bracelet prices
Adjust warrior damage
Slight boost on Arcana Essence drop rate
Updated Hellbound Fragment drop
Fixed Snipe/Hawkeye duration
Boost hellbound raid boss drop chances
Frenzy/Guts/Zealot is now autouse
Npc buffer prophecies now lv2
Reduce respawn of Devils Isle, Blazing Swamp, Seal of Shilen, Fields of Massacre

Interface - buff timers do not show for self or party members
Fix Wasteland teleport -> Ruins of Despair
Fix Zaken/Dragon costume stats
Exp/Adena per hour now resets every time player logs out
Fix (Mass) Resurrection cast time
Add missing dye +4 wit -3 men to shop and remove adena from +4 -3 Dyes
Add Enlightenment, Ghost Walking, Exciting Adventure, Wind Riding, Turn to Stone, Mystic Immunity, Vengeance, Angelic Icon to buff timer
Improvement on autofarm attacks
Increase sleep power
Fix brooch lv 1/2 compound
Update raid exp
Adjust warrior damage
Fixed Energy of Insolence drop
Updated Hellbound Fragment drop
Boost Arcane Essence general drop slightly
Boost hellbound raid boss drop chances
Adventurer's Blessing is now 2 hrs
Boost epic boss drops (added top b, low a, mid a)
Reduce cooldown on kingdom cloak triggers from 150s to 100s

Disabled Maestro class change
Nerf Shield Bash power 3.8k -> 1.4k
Fix price of full clan from 50 -> 200
Change price of gender to 50 -> 100
Nerf Soul Instinct power

Fixed Counterattack not reflecting magic
Fixed pet buffs auto use
Adjust stats of farm zones
Interface - fix restart disappearing menu
Interface - fixed Minimum clarity
Fixed event reward message
Fix Lv 60+ raid regen
Update Mana Burn land rate
Fix Full Swing visual disabled
Cancel doesnt say resisted anymore
Update starter pack items
Adjust prices in shop
Fix Guard Talisman
Fix party circle
Reduced clan penalty
Magic Lamp Potion/Desert Elixir/Auto Potions disabled for Olympiad
Fix Dark Crystal Light critical bonus
Lv.40+ Raids now flag all targets around it in 1100 radius,raids lower than that only flag players
Corrected raid boss EXP
Add support for Ward of Giran and Aden
Increase Arcana Essence a bit for lower zones
Increased soulshot and potions amount in starter packs
Fix Magic Lamp Acceleration Potion
Adjust difficulty of 4 sepulcher monsters
Fix compound brooch
Added more crafting recipes to beta store
Fix Power Angel Amon / Elmoreden's Lady respawn time and locations

Disabled Maestro class change
Nerf Shield Bash power 3.8k -> 1.4k
Fix price of full clan from 50 -> 200
Change price of gender to 50 -> 100
Nerf Soul Instinct power

Fixed class changer to only work for 76+ and 3rd class
Fix Premium account to show exp boost on exp bar
Fixed raid map some bosses show as 75 but they're 80 -> varmoni etc
Fixed Agility to remove on death
Fixed buffer and normal cancel to not effect fruits, exp scrolls, agathion
Fix Talisman of Aden exp boost description
Char name minimum 1 letter
Fix raid boss exp rate on shift click
Fix brooch lv5 price
Removed lv82 Shackle from Ivory Tower
Fix npc modifier
Fix Execution Grounds quest monster
Update prices of shops (donation/hellbound)
Add +4 -3 Dyes to shops
Boost dance of Medusa
Improve drop searcher shortcut
Starter Pack bow now comes with arrows
Added exchange for elemental necklaces
Reduce weight on shots/arrows

Fix 4 Sepulcher Exp
Fix 4 Sepulcher boss minion stats
Fix price of full clan from 50 -> 200
Change price of gender to 50 -> 100
Nerf Soul Instinct power

Fix whoami attack count
System - update animation for Mass Clan Res / Clan Invul
System - Fix skill cast requirements for clan actives
System - Changed 'Archangel Sword' in character create to Arcana Mace
Bracelet of Duty now gives talisman slots equal to level (4 = 4, 5 = 5, 6 = 6)
Interface - Fixed talisman window to match 5+ talisman slots
Added random costumes in shop
Auto learn skill before lv76 does NOT require spellbook anymore
Fix Jamadhr Beatle P. Atk
Fix 4 Sepulcher monster EXP
Sandstorm and Sand Scorpion now drops supply box
Adjusted stats of 4 Sepulcher raid bosses
Add Bracelet of Duty to beta shop

Blade Rush is now 400 range
Lucky Strike 4.3k -> 2.3k and now usable with spears

Entangle, Hex, Power Break, Freezing Strike, Elemental Heal is now magic skill
Fix Stigma of Shilen/Mass, Drain Energy, Divine Heal
Baium will return to sleep if everybody is dead
Baium no longer kills players when attacked after spawn
Fixed scheme buffer Victories of Pa'agrio
Fix spawns of Monument of Hero
Fix hero items usable by non hero
Hypnotizing Hymn now usable with blunts and 2h swords
Fix autofarm show range
Adjust defense of hellbound monster
Fix songs in buffer individual
Blade Rush can now be used with blunts and 2h swords -> bleed only on sword weapons
Fix Costume Collection passive bonus
Update raid exp formula
Add Appearance Extraction to shops
Adjust stats of Hellbound monsters

Adjust balance for warrior classes a bit

Fixed Baium to not teleport players out instantly
Fix autofarm sweeper
Fix missing color message for 'already spoiled'
Adjust Hellbound debuff resists for med/hard
Adjust Hellbound material drops
Fix auto attack spam on autofarm (not including macro -> this is normal behavior)
Fix Magic Lamp roll count
Fixed hat augment: Pirate King hat, Ninja Mask, Cats Ears, Afro Hair, Party Mask, Chic Silver Chapeau, Piggy Hat, Fish Hat, Frog Hat, Chicken Hat, Napoleon Hat
Despawn random NPC's in Dragon Valley
Fix S item unseal to keep enchant
Fixed White Uniform Hat augment
Boost mage PvP power by 10%
Add craft/mats to beta npc
Add craft materials drops/spoil to Hellbound
Increase autofarm target speed by 30% and skill by 20% and fixed problem with stucking

Nerf Mana Burn pendant influence on magic critical

Triple Sonic/Triple Slash/Hurricane Assault now splits into 3 hits
Double Sonic/Double Shot now splits into 2 hits
Adjusted stats of all end game zones
Update rate for enchant cloaks
Changed casting time from Double Shot from 3s to 2sec
Changed casting time from Burst Shot from 3.5 to 2sec
Changed reuse time from Burst Shot Shot from 4s to 3.5
Buffs are now 4 hours
Fix Proclaimer location in Giran to not conflict with Vanutu
Fixed abnormal effects to not disappear after class change
Update droplist rates for elemental Evolution Stones and Rough Jewels
Fix player class icon in Alt+T
Increase mage damage by 10%
Nerf Hellbound mob HP by 10%
Update Hellbound monster respawn times

Nerf dagger damage by 10%
Nerf archer damage by 10%
Nerf non archer classes with bow by 25%
Nerf Mana Burn power by 25%
Adjusted rate of Psycho Symphony and Death Sting

Fix Desert Quarry teleport location
Fix Noblesse Grace
Fix Fruits, EXP scrolls and cancel to not be affected by cancels
Removed Antharas Earring from stores
Fixed Brooch lv. 3 and lv. 4
Brilliant Jewel Box now gives individual jewel box instead of the jewel (Ex: Diamond -> Diamond Box)
Fix Dreadnought and class change from Arcana Board
Fix special party buffs on exit and prevented a bug
Fix Interface buff timers drag
Enable offline shops - min level 20
Update AutoFarm to not stuck (50% speed increase)
Fix scheme buffer critical error on high buff count
Improve performance of community board
Fix Red/Blue Cat Eye compound

Nerf all Hellbound mob by 20%
Reduce sale price of spirit ore/soul ore/hp pot/mp pot to 1
Add 1 hr delay on free gender change
Remove Shield of Sac., Eva Protection, Lex Talionis, Shiellien Dom. on exit party (if you are not the class)

Fix Lex Talionis/Shillien Dominium to not buff the caster
Fix scheme buffer 'edit scheme' icon
Fix Eva Talisman bug - causing big MP cost
Fix Talisman of Insolence stats
Fix regular Epic Dolls stats
Fix Speed Talisman not giving movement speed
Update event settings
Fix elemental evolution
Fix Dwarf buff target type
Add Costume Collection passives
Update AutoFarm to not stuck (50% speed increase)
Fix Border Bracelet stats
Fix Sharpen Edge (Maestro)

Nerf Beleth P. Atk. -33%
Nerf beleth a bit
Add 1 hr delay on free gender change
Remove Shield of Sac., Eva Protection, Lex Talionis, Shiellien Dom. on exit party (if you are not the class)

Fix interface runes
Fix Imperial Staff S Crystal
Fix Glorious Cloak
Change price stable scroll / add to Baggins
Fix AutoFarm static range variable
Fix update stats on remove buff
Fix 'Mostro' mob (black texture)
Fix Shillien Dominium
Fix Dwarf buff target type
Increase weight limit 5x -> 100x
Add Beleth NWSE teleports
Fix interface bug with talisman bar

Nerf Hellbound HARD mob P. Atk/HP
Nerf beleth a bit
Add 1 hr delay on free gender change
Remove Shield of Sac., Eva Protection, Lex Talionis, Shiellien Dom. on exit party (if you are not the class)

Fix free gender change
Fix duplicate for newbie buff
Fix Pona talisman sales
Fix hat augment group
Fix Dragon Bearer group in dragon valley
Change deaths counter -> Oly points in Alt+T
Epic boss static timers
Beta NPC functions/items
Increase Gem A drop in Dragon Valley outer
Update window sizes to be dynamic (interface)
Increase Gem A drop to Karik, add Daimon Crystal drop to Karik
Add clan leader skills
Remove Adena consumption from Warpgate
Add Immortal Jewels to Baggins

Reduce Gem A rate in Imperial Tomb a bit
Reduce Imperial Tomb Adena drop again
Remove that random buff skill from Hellbound mobs

Epic jewels now enchantable
Rework Frintezza NPC dialogue
Max 7 players in party
Full respawn of LOA
Fix Drake Leader group
Despawn random Dragon Valley NPC
Fix Hasturan/Arimanes aggro
Fix Drake Warrior/Scout/Mage aggro
Fix raid board sorting/page number
Update Caravan prices
Fix clan leader skills
Enchant item mission change -> weapon/armor stone and condition +6 or more