Welcome to Lineage II Arcana Classic Remastered!
We're online for:

EXP: x12
SP: x12
Adena: x5
Elemental: x3
Raid EXP: x3
Drop: x1
Spoil: x1

We have maintained a classic and nostalgic feel for all players, keeping the gameplay familiar!

Olympiad - Classic styled Olympiad, based on player skill instead of raw stats and items
Stability - Most stable client and cleanest PTS-like files with straightforward gameplay
Locations - A large, seamless world without Kamaels, Ertheias and Sylphs!


Items - PvP Belts, Maximum Clarity Talisman, enchantable Epic jewels
Balancing - Adjusted Cancellation formula and Mana Burn formula
World - Hellbound Island with Beleth epic boss


Design - Modern, redesigned and improved interface
Animations - new, modern looks to old and outdated skills
Parties - maximum seven member slots
Locations - friendly levelling zones for all players with many monsters (ex: Abandoned Camp)
Elemental System - starting at level 40 with minimal impact


Balancing - New and unique skills to unpopular and non-meta classes
Database and Community Board - Redesigned Community Board with advanced drop database unlike any other server
Design - Building on the Essence design, we have added new features to improve the player's experience
Zones - Lv. 80+ Antharas' Lair, Lv. 85+ Hellbound Island
S Grade - Crafting simplified and balanced
Minimal Instances - Removed and reworked many instance systems to promote PvP. Minimum 7 people to start.
Greater Boundaries - Maximum level 90, reworked experience table to prolong endgame


March 19 18:30 GMT +2
The dawn of our server is coming close and we want to issue a reminder to players joining us that the login server will be available at 18:30 GMT +2 and players will be able to create their characters and log in but will be unable to do any actions outside of character setup. On the opening time of 20:00 GMT +2, players will be released and they will be able to venture into the world and level up and PvP.
Patch 1.1 BETA

Updater will be ready and posted shortly to ease your time and keep up to date with the newest files. You can find it in the downloads section or by clicking the image.